Ballard Smoke Shop

  • Contact Us: (206) 784-6611
  • Location: GET DIRECTIONS 5439 Ballard Ave NW
    Seattle WA
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  • About Us: Ballard Smoke Shop 5439 Ballard Ave. NW Seattle, WA 98107 (206) 784-6611 RESTAURANT HOURS- Mon.-Thurs. 6am-9pm Fri.-Sat. 6am-10pm Sun. 6am-7pm LOUNGE/BAR HOURS- Mon - Sun: 6:00am - 2:00am (*we do sell some tobacco items but operate as a Restaurant and Lounge only*) MENU- http://www.ballardsmokeshop.com/ballardsmokeshopmenu.pdf WEB- http://.www.theballardsmokeshop.com Contact- theballardsmokeshop@gmail.com "The (Ballard) Smoke Shop ended up being the bear's lair for crab fishermen in Seattle. The whole era of big-money crab fishing and rowdy drinking by a rough crew of squareheads — it all went down in the Smoke Shop. In the Viking sagas, you had the Great Halls with goblets of mead wine and whole roasted pigs; in the Hansen saga you have a double Crown Royal straight up at the Smoke Shop." -Captain Sig Hansen (from the book: 'North by Northwestern')
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Ballard Smoke Shop Social Feed

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    Christmas is upon us! Come celebrate christmas with the Ballard Smokeshop family for our annual Christmas dinner from 12pm to 8pm. It will be stress free and dishes are on us! Restaurant Hours: 8am-8pm Bar Hours: 8am-2am
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    After long consideration the Ballard Smokeshop wants to honor the importance of family this Thanksgiving. With that said for the first time we want to give thanks to our dedicated staff and close down for Thanksgiving. Without them we would not be where we are today! Thank you for all you do:)
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    Dear Ballard Smokeshop Patrons, We apologize for the late posting but starting Novemeber 13th, our opening hours have changed from 6am to 8am. We hope to see you bright and early tomorrow!
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    Every weekend splurge on some amazing football specials! Budweiser or Bud Light for just $2 and delicious tailgating food for only $5! We hope to see you today and watch the Seahawks dominate over the Texans!
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    With Halloween around the corner, we want to honor our little ones with a special treat. Come visit us on Halloween between 4pm and 6pm and enjoy some trick or treating candy. Only while supplies last and for kids under 12.
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    Calling all cooks! The Ballard Smokeshop is looking for experienced line cooks to join our family. If you are interested drop on by and drop off a resume.
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    Football season is upon us and we got the specials for you!
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    Kick off the Husky Football Season at the Ballard Smokeshop tonight with our $5 dollar cheeseburger, grilled cheese, or chili dog paired with a $2 beer special. Hope to see you there! Go DAWGS!
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    Tomorrow is the big day! Come enjoy 1971 priced food and drink specials like a grilled cheese and fries for only $.70 with the Ballard Smokeshop family. But remember 1971 prices doesn't mean 1971 taxes and only while supplies last! So don't miss out:) Drink and food specials: 6am to 10pm
  • 16 3 Ballard Sm..

    Another blast from the past! Bring your family and friends and celebrate our 46th anniversary on Saturday, August 26th and enjoy 1971 rolled back food specials. From short stacks of pancakes, French toast, and now a cheeseburger with fries for just $.80! We hope to see you all there. #theballardsmokeshop
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