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  • Contact Us: (918) 949-9292
  • Location: GET DIRECTIONS 4305 S Mingo Rd
    Tulsa OK
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  • About Us: PLEASE call 918-241-ECIG for assistance with INTERNET orders. TULSA MINGO: Our main store is located at 4305-E S. Mingo Road in East Tulsa. Super easy access from the Broken Arrow Expressway or Highway 169. Tulsa hours are 10AM-7PM Mon-Fri and 12PM-6PM Sat. 918-949-9292 TULSA PEORIA: Opened in October of 2013 this is our newest Tulsa location. We are located at 4526 S. Peoria. Store hours are 10AM-7PM Mon-Fri and 12PM-6PM Saturday. 918-949-3803 SAND SPRINGS: Our second store is in Sand Springs, OK (West of Tulsa) and is easy to get to from Highway 412/64. The Sand Springs store address is 110 North Garfield Avenue, Suite 300, Sand Springs, OK 74063 and is open from 10AM-7PM on Monday thru Fridays, 12PM-4PM on Saturdays and CLOSED on Sunday. 918-241-ECIG
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    Tulsa and Sand Springs stores will be closed Monday 28th in honor of Memorial Day. We would like to thank all those who have given their life to our country. May peace be with those families who has lost a family member serving and protecting our country.
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    Starting today we have new weekly specials in the Tulsa and Sand Springs stores!
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    Put a little color in your life! Check out the new Fuchai Glo mods on our website! http://www.vaporkings.com/Sigelei-Fuchai-Glo-mod-p/sigelei-fuchai-glo.htm Sigelei Fuchai Glo mod
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    The survey released by Research Co-Coordinator Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, will help gather data for submission to the FDA. This is YOUR chance to make a difference so let's get to it! PLEASE take the time to fill out the survey- links below: ON MOBILE PHONE USE THIS LINK: https://secure.dacimasoftware.net/CSURES/A/FLAVORS.1/2/ ON COMPUTER USE THIS LINK: https://goo.gl/28tD2M NOTE: you may need to copy & paste the link in a separate browser. FB is cutting it off.
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    If you have any questions about battery safety, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Bottom line: cylindrical battery cells don’t mix with pocket change, keys or any other metallic objects! "The bottom line here is that most vaping burns can be easily avoided with a little battery safety education."
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    Halo has discontinued the production of their 30ml bottles. We will soon begin carrying their new 50ml sizes and they will be priced very nicely! In the meantime, we need to clear out these 30ml bottles and you're going to benefit from that! While supplies last, 30ml sizes are just $14.99! That's in stores AND online! Don't delay! http://www.vaporkings.com/Halo-USA-Made-e-Liquid-s/2677.htm
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    Thank you to all of our local retail customers that signed our vaping testimony sheets. These papers will be on their way to Washington DC in a few days and shown to your representatives!
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    New flavors from Holy Water are now in stores!
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    This is kind of a big deal...a huge shift in opinion from the previous opinions out of the ACS. The American Cancer Society has released a new position statement saying that smokers who won't quit using FDA-approved products should be encouraged to switch to vaping. This has the potential to be very meaningful, but will ACS' actions from today forward match its words?
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    ADVOCACY ALERT for Oklahoma customers! You will begin seeing these forms on the counters of our stores. We ask that you please write your name, age and how long you have been off of combustible cigarettes. These pages will be taken to Washington D.C. soon and be shown to representatives. It's important they see as many names as possible!
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