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  • Contact Us: (912) 574-2000
  • Location: GET DIRECTIONS 302 W Victory Dr
    Savannah GA
  • Shop Categories: Cigar Shop
  • About Us: Quality glass water pipes, scientific style glass, ashcatchers, spoons, chillums, smoking accessories, online at https://www.smokecartel.com or in store. For all inquires please get in touch via our email, contact@smokecartel.com as page messages are not checked.
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    Today's #MadeinSAV business is to $600 to $5million dollar success story, Smoke Cartel Savannah! Run by the 20-something wunderkinds, Sean Geng and Darby Caroline Cox, Smoke Cartel is one of the most successful online head shops in a growing industry that is feeling less and less taboo as each day passes. Smoke Cartel is the leading online retailer of glass water pipes, vaporizers (the list goes on) that gets even more impressive when you learn that the business-started with $600.00- has now morphed into a business bringing in $5 million in revenue. Yes. $5, Million. Dollars. Right here. In little old Savannah. Click below to read more!
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    "There were 603 arrests made in Savannah in 2016 for misdemeanor charges for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana."
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    Despite equal rates of usage, this issue has been unacceptably used for racial profiling. Citizens of Savannah - please follow Alderman Van Johnson and his progress on pushing forward with #DECRIMSAV . [We will have updates tomorrow morning on some locations you can pick up these posters & flyers!]
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    Houston, we have a problem... These rocketship rigs from Hitman Glass are out of this world! #smokecartelsavannah #hitman #glass #rocketship
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    A classic tee with a bit of a kick. Pick up your favorite today in stores. #smokecartelsavannah #tshirts #superlemonhaze
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    Don't miss the opportunity to get deals on your favorite brands! Starting this Sunday the 13th until the 20th! #smokecartelsavannah #summersales
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    Welcome to the future of smoking. #genuis #smokecartelsavannah
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    Another creation from C2, the Inline Perc Bell Shaped Vapor Rig is everything your heart desires. #C2 #smokecartelsavannah
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    Carry it anywhere! #thisthingrips #smokecartelsavannah #vape
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