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  • About Us: BnB Tobacco started off in 2009 when Brad Williamson took over the day to day operations of the family business while teaming up with Brian Pyatt to handle the online marketing and search engine optimization. Today BnB is one of the premier online retailer and distributor of a vast selection of premium cigars, little cigars, pipe tobacco, machine made cigars, humidors and other cigar and tobacco related accessories. We understand the value of a premium handmade cigar and offer only the best deals from top manufactures such as Ashton, Alec Bradley, Davidoff, La Gloria Cubana and more. Our state-of-the-art, temperature and humidity controlled warehouse ensures that our products are in the best condition. We also offer the largest and most diverse selections of domestic machine-made cigars and cigarillos in the industry. Our assortment of little cigars and tins allow you to enjoy the taste and aroma of tobacco even on the move. Cigar samplers will provide you with a unique way of relishing the latest cigar flavors and varieties. We are proud to offer premium smoking pipes and pipe tobacco from top brands like 4 Aces, Lane Limited, Walnut, Dunhill and others. A fantastic selection of quality smoking equipment and accessories from your favorite brands are available to order. We treat every order with the same degree of importance. Our mission is to provide customers with the very best experience in online cigar purchase with an emphasis on price, quality and excellent service. This sets us apart from most of the retailers in the United States who specialize either in a single product type or location. All our staff undergoes comprehensive training, participate in weekly meetings, attend regular cigar events and have a proficient understanding of the industry and products we carry. Feel free to visit our website http://www.bnbtobacco.com/ to learn more about our special deals and offers. Call us today on 1-888-883-5596 toll-free for a hassle-free cigar buying experience.
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    Inside a Cuban cigar factory https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/15/vr/cuba-cigars-partagas-factory-orig-vr/index.html Since 1845 the Partagás company has been hand-making cigars in central Havana. See inside the process of rolling, checking, and sorting that makes these cigars a luxury item.
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    Happy #Cigar St. Patrick's Day Everyone!
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    #RockyPatel is known for his delicious creations. The "Living on the Edge" Sampler includes one of Rocky's most famous blends: the Edge. Each cigar has a Toro shape, but a unique wrapper: 1 Edge Toro Corojo, 1 Edge Toro Maduro, 1 Edge Toro Lite, 1 Edge Toro Habano and 1 Edge Toro Candela. **Low Stock: Hurry, we only have a few left! https://www.bnbtobacco.com/living-on-the-edge-5ct-sampler/
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    #ACID #Yellow #Atom #Maduro #cigars are wrapped in a Nicaraguan Maduro leaf. Atom is the only Acid cigar where the depth and fullness of the tobacco flavors totally overwhelm the essential oils and herbs in which it's cured. A must have medium to full bodied Smoke! Made for the Aficionado who digs a mellow Maduro. **Low Stock: Hurry, we only have a few left! https://www.bnbtobacco.com/acid-atom-maduro-4-pack/
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    As most of you in the cigar world know, there are numerous types (styles, sizes, and shapes) of cigar humidors out there. https://www.bnbtobacco.com/blog/index.php/selecting-the-right-size-humidor/ As most of you in the cigar world know, there are numerous types (styles, sizes, and shapes) of cigar humidors out there.
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    Time to get a little wild at BnB Tobacco. https://www.bnbtobacco.com/cigars-machine-made/good-times/
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    Here are several ways to tell if your humidor is not working properly. https://www.bnbtobacco.com/blog/index.php/how-can-you-tell-if-a-humidor-isnt-working-properly-2/ Here are several ways to tell if your humidor is not working properly.
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    When smoking this mild-flavored cigar, you can expect an aromatic and sweet smoke. https://www.bnbtobacco.com/cigars-machine-made/good-times/
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    Black & Mild: Top-Selling Cigars Among African Americans. http://thyblackman.com/2018/03/14/black-mild-top-selling-cigars-among-african-americans/ (ThyBlackMan.com) Cigar smoking has become more prevalent among young adults as cigarette usage declines. Although the boom has largely been due …
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    #GoodTimes is a top-secret blend of exotic, diverse tobaccos that are premium grade and deliver a scrumptious flavor. These #cigars are machine-rolled into a small shape that you can purchase in an economical box of 60 small cigars. They also come in 20 packs of five cigars. Good Times cigars are well constructed and easy to light. They offer an effortless draw and a well-balanced burn. These cigars are perfect for a short smoke on a daily basis. https://www.bnbtobacco.com/cigars-machine-made/good-times/
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