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  • About Us: With over 20 years in the meat industry, his passion for great food and extensive knowledge has turned into a full-time job of bringing people together to discuss various tips, best practices, meat preparation and cooking fundamentals. Are you crazy about meat? Or maybe you’re a novice when it comes to firing up the grill or preparing a homemade sausage; it’s okay – we’ve got you covered. ‘Like Us’ to become a Meat Geek – your cooking skills will rise to new heights as you begin, sharing with and learning from, other Meet Geeks! We look forward to your comments, questions, and posts.
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    Out to settle the score...#grilling #myths https://smokingmeatgeeks.com/meat-smoking-myths/ Busting common meat smoking myths Ever since MythBusters was canceled last year we have all been reeling from busting withdrawals. But lucky for you some of us Smoking Meat Geeks can give you a fix. Here are some common grilling myths busted. If you’re lookin’, you’re not cookin’ We all know...
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    And remember kids: "You can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat" - #PinkFloyd #MemorialDay
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    Let's remember as we enjoy #MemorialDay #TheBrave #Grillin
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    Let's see those #MemorialDay festivities America! #showusyourgrills
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    When the process of cooking is just as magical as eating. #bbq #grillin #smokin
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    There's nothing like great homemade pizza, unfortunately most pizza made at home falls short. Making pizza at home requires intense heat. Reviewing the most affordable pizza ovens, grill conversion kits, and a DIY outdoor pizza oven walkthrough. We also explain how you can use your standard grill to make a great tasting homemade pizza without a brick oven.
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    Slow down there Brooklyn. In the words of Pace Foods: "Get a rope." Brooklyn BBQ is spreading to every corner of the world—Colombia, Spain, Panama, Sweden, England, and Japan—looking like it came straight out of Williamsburg. But why aren't these countries taking cues from Texas or Kansas City?
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    Great to see the Oakland community come together after the incident that went viral (https://buff.ly/2s2qo1g). Nothing says community and togetherness than gathering over #BBQ: https://buff.ly/2KMjyna
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    If you own a Smoke from ThermoWorks, now's the time to break free of that 300 feet limit and go #WiFi. The Smoke Gateway transforms your Smoke device into a WiFi temp reader – it's 15% off until Monday. #freetoroam #grillinNchillin https://www.thermoworks.com/Smoke-Gateway?tw=THERMOSMOKE
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    Overkill? Perhaps, but your can bet your bottom dollar we'd be buying one and reviewing, if it makes it to retail. You can see some of our other reviews here: https://smokingmeatgeeks.com/category/product-reviews/
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