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    In the 70s, the populace went crazy over “refer madness”. Today, the vapor industry fights for basic freedoms while the industry that was attacked in the 70s flourishes. Does anyone else find the extreme irony in that?
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    💙Hope All The MoMs Out There Have A WonderFul Day 💙
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    AGAIN ....FUCK VOO💩!!!!!!!!....Vape Shops, Distributors and most of all Vapers...QUiT SUPPORTING these FuCks 😡
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    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published the results of an air sampling study which officially debunks former claims that e-cig vapor is laced with deadly levels of formaldehyde. The rumor seems to have gotten its start from a controversial 2015 publication in the New Engla...
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    03.21.18 - For anyone following FDA tobacco regulations, the past week has been a busy one. On March 15th, the agency released its advanced notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM) for regulating the nicotine content in cigarettes. Today, the FDA is publishing another ANPRM regarding standards for flavored vapor and tobacco products in the Federal Register. As the name suggests, an ANPRM seeks input from consumers, scientists, and industry that assists an agency in crafting a final rule. [ 410 more words ] http://www.casaa.org/news/how-important-are-flavors-to-you-fda-wants-to-know/
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    Want to know more about the #Lostvape #DNA250C? Let's start lesson #1 of DNA250C--WHAT IS REPLAY? REPLAY-- A NEW feature intends to capture the flavor and satisfaction of the “perfect puff” and provide the same level of performance and consistency on all subsequent puffs. More detail coming soon. Stay tuned.
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    "Congress must intervene in the interest of public health by passing the Cole-Bishop Amendment."
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    http://casaa.p2a.co/wkzRADp ** Keep #Vaping Legal! ** Urge Congress to keep section 753 in the 2018 US Budget, which would modernize the predicate date for #vapor products. Without this change, nearly all vapor products currently on the market will be removed by 2022!
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