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    Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend everyone! We just beginning to understanding this complex system, here’s what we’ve got so far. The endocannabinoid system is a signalling system of receptors found on the surface of certain cells,
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    Apparently Dateline had a special on about marijuana last night and they were mentioning CBD and Virginia. This morning FB is blowing up about CBD and where can everyone get it.... We have almost 20 years in the industry and carry some of the best CBD brands available. Tell everybody you know, if they want CBD, come to Kulture!!!! We have 4 locations and online to serve you. Many different brands and products that we have personally tried and tested!!!! Please share!!!!
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    Here are 10 more reasons to come see us! We have A vast array of CBD products available for you at all locations.
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    This is heart warming!
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    Cyclops Rig by 'LIAM Glass' is now available on our webstore!
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    Just got this message from a new customer... “Just got the CBD, it’s amazing how much that works, my knee pain is all the way gone and my back went from a 6 to a 2”. This is 50 state legal hemp extract. We sell it all all Kulture locations. Anxiety, muscle tension, and a whole lot more.
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    Cory Booker laying down some truth!
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    DAWNK 14mm Color Rig Comes with matching carb cap and 14mm Male Quartz Banger
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    Custom sculpted Dragon rig with natural perc by Limitless Glassworks out of North Carolina. Comes with 14mm Male Quartz Banger.
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    Sculpted face handpipe by local Virginia artist Stone Glass Art Pipe has custom built in screen.
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