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  • About Us: Phoenix Vapor Cafe is dedicated to offering the best vape experience at the lowest cost possible. We exist for no other reason than to help people experience a quality vaping experience in the easiest, most fun, and most cost-effective way we can. Everything we do comes from that focus. We continually educate ourselves on the latest technology so that we can pass that knowledge on to our customers in an approachable way and meet them where they are, so that they can have the best vaping experience possible. We carry the best hardware in the world, and have over 180 flavors. Come vape with us. Rise from the Ashes!
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    Coming soon to phoenix vapor!
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    Do your senators and congresspersons support the Cole-bishop amendment? Defend your vaping, folks. Check this out... https://www.clivebates.com/public-health-experts-rally-to-support-us-legislative-initiative-on-vaping/
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    JUUL compatible Eonsmoke Pods are arriving today! We are stoked to get them back in stock. We were only able to get a portion of our order so supplies will be limited. https://www.phoenixvapor.com/products/eon-pod-juul-compatible-pods
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    So what’s the difference between regular E-juice and Nicotine Salts? Besides the lack of massive cloud production you may be at a loss for what the true differential factor is between regular e-juice, and nic salts. Well, if you were a heavy smoker you may have felt that there was a large disparity between the experience of smoking a cigarette compared to hitting a vape. I’m sure we all remember the 24mg e-juice back in the early 2000’s that used to taste like charcoal, and burnt your throat, and lungs without fail. Well, nicotine salts are the solution to both of these problems. The chemical structure as well as the higher nicotine levels allow the user to get a very similar experience to smoking a cigarette all while maintaining the intended flavor and has a smoother throat hit.
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    the future is SALTY! The form of nicotine ordinarily used in e-liquid is called “freebase” nicotine. This is nicotine not bonded to anything else, and is generally considered preferable for vaping and other purposes because it’s a more “volatile” (i.e. easily vaporized) form of nicotine. Nicotine salt is the form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. Unlike the nicotine ordinarily used in e-juice, these salts aren’t just nicotine; they’re compounds containing nicotine and another organic components. This could be in combination with one or more of the other chemicals in tobacco leaves, but the result is the same – a more stable molecule is formed. Nicotine salt has a lower ph, which equals less throat hit and a smoother vaping experience. It also has a longer shelf life due to it being a more stable molecule. Nicotine salt e-liquids first emerged in high mg for use in pod style vapes. Now it has become available in low mg offerings for sub-ohm vapers. Try Humble SVLT and experience the difference! https://www.phoenixvapor.com/products/blue-blood-low-nicotine-salt-by-humble
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    For your consideration...
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    New at Phoenix Vapor Baby Beast T12 and Mesh Coils - T12 COIL 0.15 ohm / 4 barrel triple parallel red LED light up coil - MESH Coil 0.15 ohm / 316L stainless steel mesh coil Both coils run well at 60-70w https://www.phoenixvapor.com/products/baby-beast-x4-coil
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    Fun with bubbles!
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    New at Phoenix Vapor Ranker TC 218W Box Mod by Smoant powered by the potent Ant218 V2 chip which can fire up to 218 watts and has an almost instantaneous firing speed of approximately 0.015 seconds. https://www.phoenixvapor.com/products/ranker-tc-218w-box-mod-by-smoant
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    New at Phoenix Vapor! Aromamizer Plus RDTA by Steam Crave -30mm Real Dripper Tank -No Condensation -Enhanced airflow and juice flow design -10ml tank / dripper -Spacious postless deck for coils of over 6mm internal diameter https://www.phoenixvapor.com/products/aromamizer-plus-rdta-by-steam-crave
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